2005 will be the year of the World Geothermal Congress in Turkey!

      In this world of ours, eager for renewables and yearning for sustainable energy development, the upcoming World Geothermal Congress in Turkey is our chance to make a breakthrough with geothermal.

     Although geothermal energy is the leader among renewable energy sources both for electricity generation and heat supply, it has still to make an impact on the public in general.

     The Congress, which has always been a reference point for the geothermal community worldwide, will be held only three years from now, and there is a lot of work waiting to be done.

     I appeal to all IGA members, to our geothermal colleagues, experts, developers and operators to do all they can to help us make it a success.  Start planning your attendance, and encourage your friends and colleagues to come to; get to work on preparing good, stimulating technical papers.

     The World Geothermal Congress, held every five years, is a major event in our calendar, and a showcase for geothermal energy and its potential: let's capitalise on this opportunity!

Guido Capetti

President, IGA