Dear Participant,

   As the person who has realized the first geothermal applications in Turkey, I am pleased and proud that the World Geothermal Congress 2005 (WGC2005) will meet with the theme “Geothermal Energy: The Domestic, Renewable, Green Option” in Antalya/Turkey under the auspices of IGA-International Geothermal Association and Turkish Geothermal Association.

    The geothermal utilization has started in the land of Turkey with the beginning of the 11th Century in terms of thermal bathing by Romans, Seljukians and Ottomans which is now a well established Turkish tradition. Today, most of the cities in Turkey have several public baths (“hammams”) using hot springs for bathing and curing purposes. Turkey has achieved a rapid geothermal development especially in district heating systems, electricity production and mineral recovery in the recent years. 170 geothermal fields have been already explored and 57.000 residences equivalence geothermal district heating including residence heating in 11 cities, thermal facilities heating and greenhouse heating exist in Turkey.

    It is a great privilege for Turkey to be the host country of the World Geothermal Congress, the biggest geothermal event in the Year 2005 which will bring distinguished geothermalists from all over the world together in Antalya, a beautiful city in south of Turkey.

    Turkey with a vast combination of cultural, historical and climatic conditions of the three continents of the World: Europe, Asia, Africa and Antalya the gem of the Mediterranean with a heritage of the past centuries, culture, sea and lush green are inviting you to the World Geothermal Congress 2005.

    Your participation is highly esteemed.

    My very best wishes for your enjoyable stay in Antalya on the occasion of WGC’2005.

    Orhan Mertoğlu,

    President, TGA