Mehmet Akkus (Co-Chair, Audit Sub-Committee)

 Mehmet is a geological engineer who retired from the Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate (MTA) of Turkey, where he served as field geologist, camp chief, and section chief and vice chairman of petroleum and geothermal energy projects (1959-1979). He entitled as head of Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Department of MTA in 1980. Under his management second high enthalpy geothermal field of Turkey (Germencik-Aydın) was discovered. He has M.Sc. degree in geological engineering from Istanbul University of Turkey and a Ph.D. degree in petroleum geology from University of Texas at Austin.  Mehmet was a member of the Advisory Board of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (1980-1984). He served as Executive Director of World Energy Council Turkish National Committee (1993-2001). He is now serving as Secretary Member of High Advisory Board for the same Committee. He presented more than 40 scientific papers and reports at national and international congresses and journals on petroleum, bituminous shales and geothermal exploration. He was the invited speaker for FAO/CNRE First Technical Consultation of the CNRE on Geothermal Energy and Thermal Effluents, Rome, Italy (1985) and Second Joint Workshop of the FAO/CNRE on the Use of Thermal Effluents in Agriculture and Aquaculture, Como, Italy (1990). He involved in organizing committees of various national and international congresses related to energy sector since 1977.