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by Christine Pinkston

If you are raising either chickens or turkeys the next logical step would be to raise the other one as well but is that such a swell idea?

Raising turkeys and chickens together is not a good idea but it can be done with a little bit more work.

So why is it a bad idea to raise chickens and turkeys together?

Turkey care is not quite as easy as hatching turkey eggs and watching them grow although it can be very easy. There are some things that need to be considered when raising turkeys and chickens together.

The most critical reason that you should never raise them together is because of the spread of diseases. Chickens are immune to some diseases that the turkeys can get that would be life threatening to them. Chickens are a carrier of these diseases. If you put them both together you run a big risk that all of your turkeys will be affected and die. That will make it very hard for turkey breeding.

Another problem you will run into is that they do not eat the same things and have different nutritional requirements. If the turkeys and chickens are kept together you are going to have a hard time getting them the nutrition they need.

Without the proper nutrition in their diets you run the risk that both your turkeys and chickens are going to have health problems.

The third reason and not nearly as important is that the general nature of chickens and turkeys do not match so you might end up with all out war between the two.

So how can you raise both turkeys and chickens together?

If you have enough room and want to raise both chickens and turkeys the best way would to give them both their own separate places. Do make sure though that they are not placed right next to each other because you do not want your turkeys to get sick.

By keeping them in their own separate spots you can have the benefits of raising both chickens and turkeys without having to worry about them harming each other.

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